Lani Lee, MFT
Associates Under Supervision
License# MFC51375        707-331-5246        Santa Rosa, Ca

I am an integral practitioner whose practice is rooted in collaboration, imagination, and reverence for that which is not yet known.

I believe that all people knowingly and unknowingly strive for wholeness and have an innate impulse toward growth. My stance in every therapeutic encounter is person-centered, which means that I follow your psyche’s natural movement with the confidence that every person already holds within them all they need to heal and grow. For example, I may work with you using symbols that arise through your dreams, sand trays, art, play, body, symptoms, and/or imagination in order to help you become more aware of your potential and your ever-unfolding process of becoming your truest self. My extensive study of and training in Depth Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy (which encompasses visual art, movement, drama, music, language, and imagination) provides me the unique opportunity to competently and imaginatively help you use your own creative processes to explore the richness of both the known and unknown parts of your inner world as a wise resource for healing. 

I enter the therapeutic space with curiosity, compassion, and non-judgment, and without preconceived notions of who you are or what you would like to gain from therapy. I practice cultural humility and open-mindedness, and truly believe that every individual is unique and holds authority over their own identity and story. I welcome ALL people to my practice. I see people first, rather than simply the issues with which people come to therapy to work on, and look through a relational-based lens that recognizes individuals’ greater social and relational contexts. My goal is to build a safe space with you that allows me to meet you where you are, and at the same time challenge you to take hold of opportunities for growth when you are ready.

I look forward to meeting you, and hope to become an ally on your journey.

About Erin Wiper, Associate Marriage Family Therapist

Erin earned her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies in 2017. Erin also earned her Master of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Depth Psychology from Sonoma State University in 2012, where she completed a Master’s thesis using art, dream work, and body-based techniques to explore the personal and archetypal initiation into adulthood. Erin earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Sonoma State University in 2006.

Erin began her MFT Traineeship at Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) in Santa Rosa in 2016, where she continues to work part-time as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist providing counseling services to youth ages 5 through 25 and their families. Erin’s work at SAY has provided her the opportunity to gain further experience with techniques and approaches such as Narrative Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, Relational therapeutic approaches, and therapy using Sand Tray, Art, and Play techniques to help clients explore, learn, heal, and grow.


Jessica Malmberg, 
Associate Marriage Family Therapist

Jessica earned her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Integral Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2018. Jessica began her MFT Traineeship at Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) in 2017 in Santa Rosa, CA, where she worked with youth ages 5 to 25, and their families. She specialized in issues of anxiety, depression and trauma and worked with play, sand tray, art and talk therapy. Jessica’s subsequent year of internship has been at Lomi Psychotherapy, a community clinic in Santa Rosa, CA. Here Jessica has worked with adults, couples and teens, helping people find grounding and healing through deep attuned listening, mindfulness work, Gestalt and breathwork.

Jessica was previously a massage therapist for 17 years in Sonoma County, focusing on Cranio Sacral Therapy, breathwork, and Lomi Lomi, a Hawaiian shamanic technique created to integrate and honor life transitions. Jessica earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies at Westmont College, in 1998.


I offer a warm, engaged, relational approach to help you on a path to deeper connection and wellness. 

I specialize in the sacred work of grief, and the important places of growth and love that loss brings us. In these dark places of our life, we can find deeper places in ourselves, and a richness and fertility that brings greater wisdom and joy to our lives. I also specialize in working with trauma, depression, perinatal loss, women's issues, career changes, and relationship issues.

I help clients build skills for regulating strong feelings, and calming anxiety through mindfulness work, breath work and building awareness of the body. I work with Somatic Psychology to help clients tune into the sensations of thier bodies and the wisdom that the body offers us. I also enjoy working with dreams and art to understand what may be beneath our consious awareness. I draw on modern research in the areas of trauma, attachment, the brain and the body.

If you are struggling to find peace or meaning in your day to day life, if you are in pain and feel like something is wrong with you, if you wish to have more love for yourself and in return, love for others, I can work with you to tend to the places that need your attention and help you care for the soul.